Junior Athlete Awards 2017

This is the third time Emilie was awarded for her outstanding performances in the National Age Group Championships SC, where she won two individual gold medals. In addition to this she won three more relay golds; one in the Junior National Championships LC and two in the NAG Championships LC. Her team also made a new champion record in 4 x 100 relay.

Emilie wins gold in 50 and 200 Back in her last NAG Championships

In her last National Age Group Championships in Vaasa (December 1-3) Emilie won three individual and three relay medals. She was only 14 hundreds of seconds from bringing home the gold medal in all three backstroke distances, but had to settle for silver in 100. Her time in 50m back was 00:29.17, in 100m back 1:02.29 and in 200m back 02:17.89.

In 100m freestyle she finally went under the one-minute mark and ended 8th in 00:59.78, which is a new personal best.

The results in the relays:
4x100m freestyle girls 15 Yrs (silver)
4x100m medley girls 15 Yrs (bronze); Emilie’s time in 100m back 1:03.27
4x50m medley 2 girls 15 Yrs + 2 boys 16 Yrs (silver); Emilie’s time in 50m back 29.30
4x50m freestyle 2 girls 15 Yrs+ 2 boys 16 Yrs (7th)

Success in the National Championships

Emilie had a very successful weekend in the National Campionships in Oulu 16-19 November. She improved all her backstroke times and advanced to the A finals for adults, as well. The result was three individual medals and one gold medal in the relay in the Junior National Championships and three A finals in the National Championships… and she is only 15 years old!

The results in the Junior National Championships:
50m backstroke: 28,73 (silver) New PB!
100m backstroke: 01:02.96 (bronze)
200m backstroke: 02:18.99 (bronze) New PB!
4x100m medley girls aged 17: gold and new personal best in 100m backstroke (01:02.12)
4x50m medley mix boys 18/girls 17: 5th and Emilie’s time in 50m backstroke 00:29.50

The results in the National Championships:
50m backstroke: 28.88 (7th)
100m backstroke: 01:02.28 (6th)
200m backstroke: 02.17.74 (4th and new PB)


Excellent results in the qualifying competition

This week-end (November 3-5) age group swimmer from all over the country have taken part in the qualifying competitions arranged in seven different districts. Only the sixteen best swimmers in each event will go through to the finals, which will be held in Vaasa in the beginning of December.

Emilie did well in all three backstroke distances ranking no 3 in 50m (00:29.65) and no 1 in both 100m (01:03.24) and 200m backstroke (02:19.61). In 50m she was only +00:00.22 behind the leader, and in the relay 4x50m medley mix (2 girls and 2 boys) she literally got her own back on the leader and touched the wall at 00:29.31 improving her own time from the individual event by -00:00.34.

Freestyle, on the other hand, did not belong to her best events this week-end, but she still managed to unleash a ticket to the finals in Vaasa in both 50 and 100m freestyle. The same goes for 200m medley, where she finished 9th in the overall ranking.

Besides the individual events she also swam in 4 different relays and in all four her teams are among the three best finishing third in 4 x 100m freestyle and medley (girls 15), and second in 4 x 50m freestyle and medley mix (2 girls 15 and 2 boys 16).

All in all a very successful qualifying competition, especially when it comes to the individual backstroke events!

Well done, Emilie! Keep going!

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Here you can find all the results from the qualifying competitions.

Heading towards the short course championships

The flu has got a hold of Emilie and a sore throat and stuffy nose definitely slowed down the preparations for the upcoming short course championships.

Since the last update Emilie has been to Sweden, where she participated in the Swedish Open in Väsby north of Stockholm. The competition was part of the program organized for the National Youth Swimming Team. The week-end after that the Grand Prix competition was held in Espoo, where she managed to improve her personal best in 50m freestyle (00:27.00) and 50m backstroke (00:29.11).

This week-end (November 3-5) she’ll be busy qualifying for the last Age Group Championships.

Good luck, Emilie! Remember the breathing and use your trigger!

Towards a new season and new challenges

Emilie took up her swimming practice only four weeks ago, but has already taken part in two competitions. One in Godby, a  small village north of Mariehamn, where the annual competition between SFI (the Finland’s Swedish Sports Confederation) and Stockholms Simförbund takes place. Emilie won 100 backstroke for girls aged 15-16 and finished second in 200 backstroke. In the relay 16 x 50m freestyle she had the honor to swim the last lap and did so in an impressive way. She finished in only 26.2 seconds, which is a new unofficial record for her.


The second competition she has taken part in already is Hessun uinnit. She did ok although she had been playing football on both Wednesday and Friday. Her school team won bronze, but the prize Emilie had to pay were sore legs and poor kicks in the pool on Saturday. Luckily, there are still many competitions ahead and looking back Emilie said she had actually preferred having a shorter break between the last season and this one, because now it feels as though she has to start from the beginning.

In the following article Emilie is standing in the middle of the group photo:


Once in a lifetime experience

The 2016-2017 season has finally come to an end and what a wonderful way to end it for a 15-year-old girl. To have the chance to participate in the European Youth Olympic Festival is, without doubt, a once in a lifetime experience that Emilie will remember for the rest of her life.

The competition is arranged every second year and all athletes taking part in the events are nominated by their countries’ own olympic committees. About 2.500 athletes representing 50 different countries competed in ten different sports.  The Finnish team took part in six of them, and the age groups competing in swimming were girls 14-15 and boys 15-16.

The qualifying times required in the finals were much tougher this year than two or four years ago. This was at least the case in 100 and 200m backstroke, where the  winner, Daria Vaskina, dominated on both distances. As the comparison below shows there’s quite a big gap between the absolute top swimmers in Europe and the ones in Finland.

Backstroke    The EYOF winner  2017         The Finnish records for girls 14-15 / girls 16-17
100m               1.00.87                                         1.04.15    /     1.02.80
200m               2.11.67                                         2.19.57.   /     2.12.87

Despite good preparations Emile didn’t perform at her best, which of course was not what she had hoped for, but on the other hand, the whole season has been quite volatile, so in that sense the results didn’t come as a surprise. Had everything turned out well, she could had made a new PB as well. What is more interesting is to try to understand why her performances have varied quite a lot (even within a couple of weeks)… and without going into too many details, one simple explanation could be that she has grown quite a lot and is right now 1.78m tall. She has also gained much more muscles and it will probably take some time before she has regained body control.

What is needed right now is patience and resilience, and time off from swimming before the short course season starts towards the end of August.

Pre camp in Slovakia

Emilie to the left in the picture, Emilia Liven in the middle and Sini Silvennoinen to the right. All three girls representing ÅSK – Uintiklubi Turku.

Emilie selected for European Youth Olympic Festival

Emilie is one of the 16 swimmers selected to represent Finland at the EYOF 2017 in Györ, Hungary. There will be about 50 nations competing in 10 Olympic Sports from 23-29 July and the number of athletes will be around 3,000.

Emilie will compete in two individual events (100 and 200m backstroke) and the relay.

The Finnish Team consists of 69 athletes.





The first individual medals for Emilie in the Junior National Championships

NSM 2017 4x100 medley relay

Emilie is still an age group swimmer, but despite that she won three medals in the Junior Championships in Tampere this week-end (July 6-9, 2017). On Thursday, she competed in  50m backstroke not less than four times. Twice in the morning and twice in the evening session. She finished fifth among girls 17 and improved her personal best with 0.18 seconds and the new record is now 30.48.

In 200m backstroke she made a new seasonal best (02,24.88) finishing second and only 0,00.03 from her PB. She also earned a place in the A-final for adults where she finished 8th. In 100m backstroke she was third among girls 17 and finished 8th in the A-final for adults.

NSM 2017 200m su   NSM 2017 100 su

In the medley relay 4x100m for girls 17 the team consisting of Emilie, Iida Reini, Ida Konkka and Sini Silvennoinen won the gold medal.

All in all, Emilie won three medals: one gold medal (medley relay), one silver (200m backstroke) and one bronze (100m backstroke).

Her swimming club ÅSK – uintiklubi Turku was the best team among the juniors.