Silver in the Nordic Age Group Championships

Emilie took part in two events during the Nordic Age Group Championships held in Tampere this wp-1468168923051.jpgweek-end (July 9th – July 10th 2016). In 100 backstroke (LCM) she was the second swimmer to touch the wall (only 0.35 seconds behind the winner). Emilie clocked 1:05.39, which is her second best time ever in 100 m backstroke.

In 200 backstroke (LCM) she finished fourth and her time 20160710_194823.jpg2:25.63 was also her second best time ever in 200 m backstroke. This was a very good result considering the fact that she caught a flu during her stay in Tampere and that she was still suffering from an acute injury in her right knee, which occurred in less than two weeks before the championships.

Nine countries took part in the Nordic Age Group Championships: Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, Lativa, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden.

Congratulations on behalf of the silver medal in 100 m backstroke (LCM) and the fourth place in 200 m backstroke (LCM)!


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