Emilie rewarded the best swimmer among the younger girls

Last weekend the tenth swimming meet between SFI (the Swedish Finnish Sports Association) and Stockholms simförbund took place at Godby, a small village on the island of Åland between Finland and Sweden.

The boys and girls were competing in two different age groups 13-14 and 15-16. Only two swimmers were representing each country in the different individual events, and Emilie was elected to represent SFI in backstroke (100 and 200 meters) and 200m medley. She also swam in the two freestyle relays 4 x 100m and 16 x 50m. Her time on the last leg in 50m freestyle was very impressing: 26,4 seconds!

In the opening leg of the 4 x 100m freestyle relay Emilie touched the wall after 1:00,17 minutes, which means that she improved her PB from last weekend, and is very close to break the one minute limit.

Last year she came second in the backstroke events, but this year she left all the other competitors in both age groups (!) way behind.

Best girl award200m backstroke, girls 13-14
1. Emilie Pärnänen, Finland, 2:21,97
2. Paola Kylberg, Sweden, 2:27,53

200m backstroke, girls 15-16
1. Petra Äkkinen, Finland, 2:25,31
2. Ida Slöör, Finland, 2:25,42


100m backstroke, girls 13-14
1. Emilie Pärnänen, Finland, 1:04,39
2. Laura Kellberg, Finland, 1:07,13

100m backstroke, girls 15-16
1. Wilma Oura, Finland, 1:04,49
2. Tuva Glimmerud Gullbjörk, Sweden, 1:07,46

Emilie was awarded the best swimmer among girls in her age group. Well done!


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