Age Group Competition – Swimming Qualifying Events

Swimming qualifying events have been held in seven different regions this week-end (November 4th-6th, 2016). The Age Group final for girls 13, 14 and 15  will take place in Raisio the first week-end in December.

Emilie had quite an ordeal in head of her, taking part in 11 individual events + 4 relays! No wonder she felt tired! What made it even worse was that there was only half an hour of rest between many of the events leaving her with actually no time for recovery. Still she earned herself a place in the finals in not less than 9 individual events and in all four relays. And in the two events where she didn’t finish among the 16 best swimmers she was 17th! The first one to be left outside the finals, unless there are some cancellations within the three next days to come.

The results from the qualification events are (listed in the same order as they were swum)
100 m breaststroke 1:18.05 (personal best) and 11th in the national ranking for girls aged 14
4 x 100 freestyle Girls 15: Emilie’s individual time was 59.15 (inofficial time)100 m butterfly 1:05.48 (personal best) and third in the ranking
200 m medley 2:27.86 fifth in the ranking
50 m backstroke Girls 12-15: 30.28 fourth in the ranking
4 x 100 medley Girls 15: Emilie’s individual time in backstroke was 1.04.87 (official time)
400 m medley 5:15.20 (personal best) and third in the ranking
50 m butterfly Girls 12-15: 30.29 (17th in the ranking)
100 m backstroke 1:05.23 second in the ranking
4 x 50 medley mixed: 30.44 (official time)
50 m freestyle Girls 12-15: 27.60 (personal best) and 13th in the ranking
200 m backstroke 2:23.98 second in the ranking
100 m medley Girls 12-15: 1.10.05 (17th in the ranking)
100 m freestyle 1:00.13 (personal best) seventh in the ranking
4 x 50 m freestyle mixed: Emilie’s individual time was 26.95 (inofficial time)

On Saturday she had 8 different events including 200 and 400 medley!