Madwave Challenge 2017, Tartu

As part of the Top team within the Swedish Sports Association (SFI in Swedish) Emilie packed her swimming bag once again and early in the morning on Friday 10th she went by car to Helsinki West Harbour, where the rest of the SFI group was waiting. From there they went by ferry to Tallinn and arrived in Tartu late in the afternoon after a couple of hours ride by the express bus.

The competition took place during the week-end and the 100m events were held as direct finals while the 50m events had both preliminaries and finals. Emilie took part in 50m and 100m backstroke, 50m butterfly and 50m free. She made her way to the finals in all three 50m events, but due to faulty start lists in 50m freestyle, she missed the final. In 50m butterfly she finished fifth.

She made a new meet record in 100m backstroke for girls 14-15 years old, finishing first in a modest 1:08.06 minutes. In the 50m backstroke preliminaries she also made a new meet record, 31.35 seconds, which equals 643 FINA points, but was defeated by Kertu Kaare by 00.34 seconds in the finals.

The best swimmers (according to FINA points) in every category were awarded with a cup and Emilie had the second highest FINA points in her category Y1 (girls born in 2002 and 2003).



Awards in the picture:

Estonia Open 2017 (according to the FINA points girls 14-15y)
Gold medal (100m backstroke girls 14-15y)
Silver medal (50m backstroke girls 14-15y)