When things don’t turn out so well

The ISM in Berlin was meant to be one of the highlights this year, but due to a lot of unfortunate circumstances nothing went as planned… Instead of being in good shape, the low fat diet that had been recommended since the middle of January, the changes in the technique and the lack of sleep the night before the travel day and the rest of the week-end took its toll.

This may explain the poor outcome:

March 3
03:30 am early wake-up after only four-five hours of sleep
04:30 am arrival at the airport in Turku
09:10 am arrival in Berlin (local time)
lunch and a short rest at the hotel before going to the swimming and sports hall in Europasportspark, where the competition started at 17:00
06:30 pm 50m butterfly (new personal best 00:29.82)
08:02 pm 200m backstroke (02:30.87)
11:00 pm late dinner (Finnish time 00:00)

March 4
05:30 am early wake-up and breakfast before going to the swimming hall
06:30 am warm-up
08:10 am 100m backstroke (01:08.18)
08:20 am 50m freestyle (00:29.05)

After another night of poor sleep it was finally time for the last events on Sunday: 50m backstroke (00:31.80) and 100m freestyle (01:02.06).

Well, what did we learn from all this? Quite a lot, I would say. First of all, Emilie has started eating more food again. Contrary to what was believed her fat percentage was (once again) too low. She will therefore see a PT next week and hopefully the PT will be able to give Emilie some advice of what to eat and not to eat. We were quite lucky finding a PT who has specialized in nutrition. Secondly, if you want to perform well in a competition far away from you home town, you have to arrive at least one day previous to the competition – not the same morning as the competition.

… but, what’s done is done. Let’s look forward to new interesting meetings and a successful 2017!