Fourth in the Junior Finnish Championships

Emilie did well in both the Junior Finnish Championships and the Finnish Championships, which took place in Vaasa this week (November 17t-20th, 2016).

In 200 backstroke she lowered her personal best to 2:18.63 (- 3.34) and in 100 backstroke to 1:03.20 (- 1.02). In 200 backstroke she was fourth among the juniors (17 years old) and earned herself a place in the A-final, where she finally stepped up one position and ended sixth among the adults. In 100 backstroke she was eighth among the juniors and 16th among the adults, which gave her a place in the B-final for adults. In the afternoon, she then won the B-final for adults, and lowered her personal best a second time. The first time she did that was in the relay on Friday (1.04.05) and the second time on Saturday in the B-final (1.03.20).

The other girls who took part in the relay (4 x 100 medley) were Iida Reini, Ida Konkka and Roosa Mört. Their team finished fifth among the juniors (4.15.32).

Emilie also took part in 50 backstroke, where she ended 10th, and in 100 fly, where she was 12th among the juniors. Very good achievements considering her young age.


8 new SCM records last week-end

Emilie made 8 new personal bests in the qualifying events last week-end on the short course (25 m):

50 butterfly 00:30.29 (- 0,03)
100 butterfly 01:05.48 (- 1,12)
50 backstroke 00:30.28 (- 0,06)
100 breaststroke 01:18.05 (- 0,84)
50 freestyle 00:27.60 (- 0,52) in the relay 00:26,95 (inofficial time)
100 freestyle 01:00.13 (- 0, 04) in the relay 00:59,15 (inofficial time)
200 medley 02:27.86 (- 0,70)
400 medley 05:15.20 (- 0,22)

Age Group Competition – Swimming Qualifying Events

Swimming qualifying events have been held in seven different regions this week-end (November 4th-6th, 2016). The Age Group final for girls 13, 14 and 15  will take place in Raisio the first week-end in December.

Emilie had quite an ordeal in head of her, taking part in 11 individual events + 4 relays! No wonder she felt tired! What made it even worse was that there was only half an hour of rest between many of the events leaving her with actually no time for recovery. Still she earned herself a place in the finals in not less than 9 individual events and in all four relays. And in the two events where she didn’t finish among the 16 best swimmers she was 17th! The first one to be left outside the finals, unless there are some cancellations within the three next days to come.

The results from the qualification events are (listed in the same order as they were swum)
100 m breaststroke 1:18.05 (personal best) and 11th in the national ranking for girls aged 14
4 x 100 freestyle Girls 15: Emilie’s individual time was 59.15 (inofficial time)100 m butterfly 1:05.48 (personal best) and third in the ranking
200 m medley 2:27.86 fifth in the ranking
50 m backstroke Girls 12-15: 30.28 fourth in the ranking
4 x 100 medley Girls 15: Emilie’s individual time in backstroke was 1.04.87 (official time)
400 m medley 5:15.20 (personal best) and third in the ranking
50 m butterfly Girls 12-15: 30.29 (17th in the ranking)
100 m backstroke 1:05.23 second in the ranking
4 x 50 medley mixed: 30.44 (official time)
50 m freestyle Girls 12-15: 27.60 (personal best) and 13th in the ranking
200 m backstroke 2:23.98 second in the ranking
100 m medley Girls 12-15: 1.10.05 (17th in the ranking)
100 m freestyle 1:00.13 (personal best) seventh in the ranking
4 x 50 m freestyle mixed: Emilie’s individual time was 26.95 (inofficial time)

On Saturday she had 8 different events including 200 and 400 medley!


UGP4 2016 in Stockholm

A couple of weeks have already passed since Emilie took part in the UGP4 in Stockholm, Sweden. The competition was only three days after her return from Spain, so there was actually no time for any rest or recovery from the training camp abroad. She didn’t even have time to unpack her luggage before she had to pack her rucksack again.

During the week-end of October 21st-22nd, she took part in five events:
400 m medley 5:15.42 (silver medal) – new personal best on short course
200 m backstroke 2:22.68 (silver medal)
100 m butterfly 1:06.60 (fourth) – new personal best on short course
200 m medley 2:28.70 (sixth) – new personal best on short course
100 m backstroke 1:05.26 (gold medal)

Swimming training camp in Mataró, Spain


Emilie is spending a ten day long training camp in Mataró, north of Barcelona. She arrived there last Monday late in the evening and has been taking part in the team’s activities since then. Hopefully, she will stay healthy this time 🙂

Yesterday, they had a day off and went by train to Barcelona, where she strolled around at La Rambla and filled up her stomach with a delicious pizza. Today, the training continued as usual and they all seem to enjoy jumping into the pool as you can see from the video uploaded to ÅSK’s FB page


ÅSK Games

Here are the results from the ÅSK Games (October 8th, 2016)

Emilie set out as the first swimmer in the first relay 4 x 50 m freestyle and finished her leg at 30,51.
100 m medley: 2) 1:08,72 (new personal best)
50 m backstroke: 1) 30,34 (new personal best)
100 m freestyle: 2) 1.02,20
50 m freestyle: 2) 28,12 (new personal best)
She also took part in the finishing relay 20 x 50 m freestyle, where her team won the gold medal.

The First National Age Group Team Camp Behind

Last week (September 26th – 28th) the National Age Group Team spent three days at Vierumäki sports training center. The top seeded girls and boys swimmers born in 2002 – 2003 and 2001 – 2002 respectively were invited to take part in the first training camp of the year. The aim of the camp was to introduce the participants to the national swimming team culture of sportsmanship and to provide for both coaches and swimmers to get to know each other a little bit better. The schedule was quite tight, as usual, and there was actually no free time at all. Two swimming sessions were held each day and besides that there were both lectures and different kind of physical dry land activities in which everybody had to take part.

A nice camp according to Emilie, who was very pleased to be there once again!

Suffering from the first flu this season

Cough, sore throat, stuffy nose and fatigue – these are the symptoms Emilie has felt last week. The flu hit quite hard last Monday and forced her into bed for three days. Although she hadn’t fully recovered from the flu, she participated in the Martti Ollgren swimming competition yesterday (25.9.2016) and did quite well considering her health situation.

She made a decent time (1:04.49) on 100 backstroke, and finished third only 2 seconds behind Susanne Hirvonen and the winner Carita Luukkanen, who are 5 and 6 years older than Emilie. In 100 breaststroke she came fifth improving her personal best with more than four seconds and in 200 freestyle eighth (2:15.41) – taking off almost 5 seconds from her previous PB.

Being on the road for more than 14 hours, she was quite tired when she finally returned home at around 10 o’clock in the evening. A good night’s sleep felt quite good, I suppose.

Emilie rewarded the best swimmer among the younger girls

Last weekend the tenth swimming meet between SFI (the Swedish Finnish Sports Association) and Stockholms simförbund took place at Godby, a small village on the island of Åland between Finland and Sweden.

The boys and girls were competing in two different age groups 13-14 and 15-16. Only two swimmers were representing each country in the different individual events, and Emilie was elected to represent SFI in backstroke (100 and 200 meters) and 200m medley. She also swam in the two freestyle relays 4 x 100m and 16 x 50m. Her time on the last leg in 50m freestyle was very impressing: 26,4 seconds!

In the opening leg of the 4 x 100m freestyle relay Emilie touched the wall after 1:00,17 minutes, which means that she improved her PB from last weekend, and is very close to break the one minute limit.

Last year she came second in the backstroke events, but this year she left all the other competitors in both age groups (!) way behind.

Best girl award200m backstroke, girls 13-14
1. Emilie Pärnänen, Finland, 2:21,97
2. Paola Kylberg, Sweden, 2:27,53

200m backstroke, girls 15-16
1. Petra Äkkinen, Finland, 2:25,31
2. Ida Slöör, Finland, 2:25,42


100m backstroke, girls 13-14
1. Emilie Pärnänen, Finland, 1:04,39
2. Laura Kellberg, Finland, 1:07,13

100m backstroke, girls 15-16
1. Wilma Oura, Finland, 1:04,49
2. Tuva Glimmerud Gullbjörk, Sweden, 1:07,46

Emilie was awarded the best swimmer among girls in her age group. Well done!

One and a half month into the season

Last weekend it was time for the annual battery of tests, where the swimmers in Emilie’s club took part in different test indoors and outdoors. Compared to the results made last year Emilie has improved a lot and one of her strengths are the kicks and especially the dolphin kicks. She has always been good at kicking and her backstroke kicks are actually faster than her freestyle kicks!

Taking part in the Speedo cup competition the next day (September 10) she tried to profit from her fast kicks, and in 100 m freestyle the time stopped at 1:00.23 – a bit harmful since she could had gone faster had she not been too close to the wall in the turnings.  Nevertheless, this was her PB on short course in 100 as well as in 50 m freestyle and 50 m butterfly.  A very good start of the new season!

Workout during the summer break

The three week long summer break is coming to an end and a new swimming season will soon start. The summer break is usually four weeks long, but this year it was one week shorter due to the Nordic Age Group Championships in July.

Emilie went to see a physiotherapist the week after the championships and  since then she has been doing different kinds of exercises to strengthen her muscles in order to avoid knee injuries like the one she suffered from in late June. This is one of the exercises she has been doing:

wp-1469953291869.jpg                wp-1469887587116.jpg

During the summer vacation she has also spent a couple of days in Tallinn, Estonia, and on the golf course. The fastest round was about four hours!

20160720_124459                            golf


Silver in the Nordic Age Group Championships

Emilie took part in two events during the Nordic Age Group Championships held in Tampere this wp-1468168923051.jpgweek-end (July 9th – July 10th 2016). In 100 backstroke (LCM) she was the second swimmer to touch the wall (only 0.35 seconds behind the winner). Emilie clocked 1:05.39, which is her second best time ever in 100 m backstroke.

In 200 backstroke (LCM) she finished fourth and her time 20160710_194823.jpg2:25.63 was also her second best time ever in 200 m backstroke. This was a very good result considering the fact that she caught a flu during her stay in Tampere and that she was still suffering from an acute injury in her right knee, which occurred in less than two weeks before the championships.

Nine countries took part in the Nordic Age Group Championships: Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, Lativa, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden.

Congratulations on behalf of the silver medal in 100 m backstroke (LCM) and the fourth place in 200 m backstroke (LCM)!

Grand Prix Challenge

The GP Challenge swimming meet was organized in Jyväskylä last week-end (from July 1st to July 3rd). Emilie took part in only a few events due to a recent acute trauma in her right knee. Still being under medical treatment and leaving out two days of training, it was very uncertain whether she would be able to compete or not, but thanks to good medical help and a couple of days of rest, she was able to take part in all but one of the planned events.

In 50 m backstroke she finished 12th in the prelims only 0.33 seconds from her personal best, which rendered her a place in the evening final, where she kept her position. She also took part in 4 x 100 medley relay (girls 17) and clocked 1:06.25 on the first event (backstroke) – an excellent time considering the circumstances.

On the final day she got even closer to her personal best in 50 m backstroke finishing only 0,05 seconds from her record. She achieved this time in 4 x 50 medley relay (adults), where her team finished fifth only 3,11 seconds behind the winning team where both Hanna-Maria Seppälä och Ari-Pekka Liukkonen, both on their way to Rio, secured the victory to Cetus, which is the largest swimming club in Finland.