Emilie wins gold in 50 and 200 Back in her last NAG Championships

In her last National Age Group Championships in Vaasa (December 1-3) Emilie won three individual and three relay medals. She was only 14 hundreds of seconds from bringing home the gold medal in all three backstroke distances, but had to settle for silver in 100. Her time in 50m back was 00:29.17, in 100m back 1:02.29 and in 200m back 02:17.89.

In 100m freestyle she finally went under the one-minute mark and ended 8th in 00:59.78, which is a new personal best.

The results in the relays:
4x100m freestyle girls 15 Yrs (silver)
4x100m medley girls 15 Yrs (bronze); Emilie’s time in 100m back 1:03.27
4x50m medley 2 girls 15 Yrs + 2 boys 16 Yrs (silver); Emilie’s time in 50m back 29.30
4x50m freestyle 2 girls 15 Yrs+ 2 boys 16 Yrs (7th)


Training camp II in Mataró

In May Emilie went back to Mataró for the second time this season. She spent ten days on a training camp preparing for the national age group championships coming up next week. The preparations went well, the weather was great and both the hotel and the facilities were on a walking distance from the beach, where the evening stretching took place.

On their day off they went shopping to an outlet not far away from Mataró. 

Back on track again

After quite a long time of uncertainty and setbacks, Emilie seems to be back on track again. Her performance in 100m backstroke was quite impressive in the Grand Prix swimming competition in Espoo last week-end (May 12-15).

When she touched the wall, the clock stopped at 1.05.08, which is her second best time ever on this distance (100m backstroke LCM). Her strong performance brought her back to the number one position in this year’s national statistics for girls aged 15, where she also holds the first position in 200m backstroke.

One reason why she is doing better right now is without doubt the nutrition plan that she has been following since the end of April… and looking back… it seems to work!

Emilie awarded the best girl swimmer in 2016 within the Swedish Finnish Sports Association

The Swedish Finnish Sports Association’s Championships in swimming 2017 (short course) took place in Mariebad this week-end (February 4th-5th). Emilie took part in four individual events and five relays, and she won three individual gold medals (100m fly, 100m backstroke, 200m medley) and one silver medal (100m freestyle). In the relays she won three more gold medals together with her teammates.


At the very beginning of the Championships the best girl (15 or younger), the best boy (15 or younger), the best woman and the best man swimmers of 2016 were also announced, and Emilie was awarded the best girl swimmer within the Swedish Finnish Sports Association in 2016. Congrats, Emilie!



With only five weeks into the new year, the heat is on

After well deserved Christmas holidays Emilie is back in the pool. So far she has taken part in two competitions: the Turku Super Games and the Swedish Finnish Sports Association’s Championships 2017. She has also participated in the national age group team camp in Vierumäki (January 26th-29th).

During the week ahead of the TSG she measured her heartbeats (24/7) to find out how fast and how well she recovers from the swimming sessions. She is still waiting for the results of the analysis. She has measured her heartbeats once before and that was a couple of years ago when she suffered from exhaustion due to bad recovery. In order to avoid stress and to enhance recovery it’s very important to learn more about the own body and what factors affect the well-being and performance.

UGP4 2016 in Stockholm

A couple of weeks have already passed since Emilie took part in the UGP4 in Stockholm, Sweden. The competition was only three days after her return from Spain, so there was actually no time for any rest or recovery from the training camp abroad. She didn’t even have time to unpack her luggage before she had to pack her rucksack again.

During the week-end of October 21st-22nd, she took part in five events:
400 m medley 5:15.42 (silver medal) – new personal best on short course
200 m backstroke 2:22.68 (silver medal)
100 m butterfly 1:06.60 (fourth) – new personal best on short course
200 m medley 2:28.70 (sixth) – new personal best on short course
100 m backstroke 1:05.26 (gold medal)

Swimming training camp in Mataró, Spain


Emilie is spending a ten day long training camp in Mataró, north of Barcelona. She arrived there last Monday late in the evening and has been taking part in the team’s activities since then. Hopefully, she will stay healthy this time 🙂

Yesterday, they had a day off and went by train to Barcelona, where she strolled around at La Rambla and filled up her stomach with a delicious pizza. Today, the training continued as usual and they all seem to enjoy jumping into the pool as you can see from the video uploaded to ÅSK’s FB page https://www.facebook.com/uintiklubiturku/videos/1226230330756253/


Suffering from the first flu this season

Cough, sore throat, stuffy nose and fatigue – these are the symptoms Emilie has felt last week. The flu hit quite hard last Monday and forced her into bed for three days. Although she hadn’t fully recovered from the flu, she participated in the Martti Ollgren swimming competition yesterday (25.9.2016) and did quite well considering her health situation.

She made a decent time (1:04.49) on 100 backstroke, and finished third only 2 seconds behind Susanne Hirvonen and the winner Carita Luukkanen, who are 5 and 6 years older than Emilie. In 100 breaststroke she came fifth improving her personal best with more than four seconds and in 200 freestyle eighth (2:15.41) – taking off almost 5 seconds from her previous PB.

Being on the road for more than 14 hours, she was quite tired when she finally returned home at around 10 o’clock in the evening. A good night’s sleep felt quite good, I suppose.

Emilie rewarded the best swimmer among the younger girls

Last weekend the tenth swimming meet between SFI (the Swedish Finnish Sports Association) and Stockholms simförbund took place at Godby, a small village on the island of Åland between Finland and Sweden.

The boys and girls were competing in two different age groups 13-14 and 15-16. Only two swimmers were representing each country in the different individual events, and Emilie was elected to represent SFI in backstroke (100 and 200 meters) and 200m medley. She also swam in the two freestyle relays 4 x 100m and 16 x 50m. Her time on the last leg in 50m freestyle was very impressing: 26,4 seconds!

In the opening leg of the 4 x 100m freestyle relay Emilie touched the wall after 1:00,17 minutes, which means that she improved her PB from last weekend, and is very close to break the one minute limit.

Last year she came second in the backstroke events, but this year she left all the other competitors in both age groups (!) way behind.

Best girl award200m backstroke, girls 13-14
1. Emilie Pärnänen, Finland, 2:21,97
2. Paola Kylberg, Sweden, 2:27,53

200m backstroke, girls 15-16
1. Petra Äkkinen, Finland, 2:25,31
2. Ida Slöör, Finland, 2:25,42


100m backstroke, girls 13-14
1. Emilie Pärnänen, Finland, 1:04,39
2. Laura Kellberg, Finland, 1:07,13

100m backstroke, girls 15-16
1. Wilma Oura, Finland, 1:04,49
2. Tuva Glimmerud Gullbjörk, Sweden, 1:07,46

Emilie was awarded the best swimmer among girls in her age group. Well done!